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2005.09.29 - BoxOffice News

Flightplan surprised analysts with a stronger showing than expected, and the number one spot for the weekend. With $26.4M, the movie got a good start.

The Corpse Bride however ended below expectations, just slightly. With $19.1M, excellent reviews and a great buzz, many people are at a loss somewhat. Only great legs will help this movie make a profit.

Just Like Heaven fell by about 50% and added only $9.6M to its coffers. With such a rate, and $29.8M so far, the movie is unlikely to break $50M and will have a hard time showing a profit.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose added $7.4M to reach a total of $62.3M and inching its way to $70M, perhaps $75. Definitely not bad. The 40 Year-old Virgin is also inching its way to $100M which should take an extra couple of weeks. And finally, March of the Penguins is still doing quite well, and added $1.7M in its 14th week, which is more than it did in its first couple of weeks combined!!! At $72.8M, this is undeniably one of the biggest surprise success in recent memory. The wedding Crashers would be another huge surprise success and with $1.3M this weekend, the movie topped $205M!!!

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