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2005.10.05 - BoxOffice News

What happened this weekend? Did anyone go to the movies? Apparently, not that many. The top 20 movies only managed $82.7M, which is much lower than it has been in a long time, and lower than last year's numbers too.

Flightplan continues to fly high at the box office with $14.8M. It's been at the top for 2 weeks now and based on word of mouth and all, may reach $75M, which should cover its production budget and help the movie make a profit during its international run.

Serenity opened this weekend amid fanfare, great buzz and rather great reviews (an 8.6 on the IMDB!), but with only $10.1M, the results are VERY disappointing. It'll be a miracle if the movie breaks $50M.

The Corpse Bride did well with another $10M and now sits at $33.2M. The movie should reach $50M and make some profit on the home market. A History of Violence, David Cronemberg's latest movie, is meeting with great reviews, and apparently, good public support. With 8.1M in its opening weekend, and a planned theater expansion next week, the movie could be Cronemberg's biggest success yet.

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