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2005.10.06 - Site News

As you may have noticed, the site has undergone a slight, but important, redesign. The Menu has been completely rethought to help you better navigate the rich resources RatingMovies.Com offers. Features such as the Blog suport, mailing lists, and friends management, now have a prominent place on all pages. Over the next few months, we'll keep introducing similar changes, and add new features all over the site. We hope you like it, and as usual, you are welcome to send us an email here to tell us what you think.

Additionally, we have posted recently several new reviews for Girl From Rio (2001), Good Lawyer's Wife, A (2003), Beautiful Boxer (2003), Batman, The Animated TV Series, Season 1 (1992) and finally, 24, Season 1 (2001). Good reading!

One other thing. Check out The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia for some fun, and How Industrial Light & Magic Works for some education on special effects at ILM.

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