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2005.10.14 - BoxOffice News

As expected, Wallace & Gromit: the Curse of the Were-Rabbit finished first this weekend. However, it's not saying much. With only $16.2M, it's a disappointment. To add insult to injury, the studios that created this film burnt down over the weekend. Talk about bad coincidence. No one was hurt, but the studio is gone.

Flightplan however continues to hold on quite well. With an additional $10.8M this weekend, the film now sits at $60.9M. This is great and at that pace, the film will reach $80M and has an outside chance to hit $100M.

In Her Shoes, the new Curtis Hanson film (1997's LA Confidential and 2002's 8 Mile), and Cameron Diaz did not live up to expectations. The film opened with $10M, which was lower than expected. However, 2 For the Money opened higher than expected with $8.7M. And finally, on a side note, in spite of great great reviews, Serenity could not hold up. With $5.4M, the movie is still in the teens. With $18M after 10 days already, the movie is not going to get far.

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