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2004.03.09 - DVD news

For all of you Dead fans, be aware that the recently released DVD of George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead by Anchor Bay is a Divimax Edition, and not a Divimax Special Edition. That is expected to come up later in the year. Anchor Bay released this version to coincide with the remake coming out in the theaters. Based on many reviews posted on the web, it is regarded as a good DVD, but it features only the US theatrical cut, and is not as developped on the extras side as fans had hoped (although, it's not bad by any measure). I was one of the first in line to get my copy of the Divimax Special Edition of Day Of The Dead, but i'll be waiting for the right special edition for Dawn.

The standard edition of The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, with the Theatrical cut, is expected to be released on May 25th. The full 4-disk special edition, with the Extended cut, is currently expected in the November timeframe.

For all of you Prince fans out there, there is word out there that Warner is going to release a 2-disk special edition of Purple Rain sometimes in May. We also hear that Under The Cherry Moon won't be long to follow.

Finally, for all the Star Wars fans out there, it is now pretty much sure that the original trilogy will finally get released on DVD sometimes in the fall, albeit not in its original form. It will be the special edition versions of each film only, as Lucas for some reasons still refuses to view the originals as anything but deeply flawed and not worthy of ever being released again. That's why he has worked so hard on the Special editions in the late 90's, and keeps on improving those films. The situation is so bad with fans, that there are numerous sites out there collecting signatures to petition Lucas himself. The biggest site of them all is OriginalTrilogy.Com.

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BoxOffice news (2004.03.10)
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RatingMovies.Com® V3 is starting (2004.03.09)