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2005.10.17 - BoxOffice News

This is another weekend for the records, and not the good type. The top 20 films pulled in about $82M this weekend. That's about 10% less than last year's sa,e weekend. The top position, The Fog only managed $11.8M. This is really bad. Was it the weather or was it the movie? Yes and yes. The Fog is suffering through attrocious reviews, and after almost a week of continual rain in the North East of the US, this last weekend saw the sun make some nice appearances.

In spite of the poor performance of the ne opening this week, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was not able to repeat a top position this weekend. It added $11.5M and now totals just north of $33M. The movie will reach $50M, but not much more. This is surprising given the family nature of the film, and the great reviews it is getting, some of the best this year. Go figure!

Elizabethtown, another opening this weekend barely managed $10M. Given Cameron Crowe's solid reputation so far in his career, this is a disappointment, and not only for the box office as reviews aren't that great either.

Flightplan continues to do very well and beat expectations. In its 4th week, it still manages $6.5M. It just crossed the $70M bar and will easily break $80M. Will it reach $100M?

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