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2005.09.01 - BoxOffice News

This is a very late summary of last weekend's box office (Aug 27th 2005) since i have been moving to a new place most of the week, and had to focus on getting the site back up. Sorry for the delays.

The 40 Year-old Virgin continued on top with reviews that keep on getting better, and obviously, a great word of mouth. The movie could be a surprise hit the way The Wedding Crashers has.

The Brothers Grimm is Terry Gilliam latest movie, the first in over 7 years since his last. Terry is probably one of the most cursed directors in history of film making: a brilliant man, with impresive visual skills, and the drive for ambitious projects. However, each one of his movies have been extremely difficult to make, from his well known very public fight with the studios regarding his masterpiece Brazil, to the recent aborted Don Qixote chronicled in details for all to cry over in the great documentary Lost In La Mancha. The Brothers Grimm is his latest movie, which should be more accessible to more people. Even if $15.1M is actually very good for Terry, his best opening ever, it's still disappointing as $100M sure looks like a distant possibility at most. The movie cost $80M to make so.... You do the math.

Red-Eye Continues to do great, with fantastic reviews, and great word of mouth. If you are in for some thrills, this is the movie to go see these days. With $10.3M this weekend, the movie now sits at $32.6M. The movie should reach $50M without much trouble, and should be a great success for Craven.

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