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2004.04.07 - BoxOffice News

Hellboy is making a good first weekend with over $23M, but it was not as good as some had expected given the good press and reviews it had received. Some predictions were as high as $40M. I saw it and it was OK, but not a great ComicBook adaptation, and did not have enough Selma Blair... X2 still remains, undisputed, my favorite ComicBook adaptation to date.

The rest of the box office is boring. As expected, the poorly reviewed Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed had a big drop-off from last weekend, and it now seems difficult for this movie to make a profit given its $80M budget. The new Disney animation, Home On The Range manages $14M, barely. Last year's Brother Bear did not do much better, although its international run has been very good. If the American audience seems tired of hand-drawn animation and favors digital fares, the international audience however still likes it all.

Finally, The Passion Of The Christ still manages a double digit gross for the weekend. The Easter weekend has provided some additional impetus, enough to make it cross the $330M bar. Internationally, the movie hasn't been doing as well, but has managed some $80M so far though. This puts its international total to over $400M now, with still some large international markets to open.

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