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2005.12.08 - BoxOffice News

Despite a massive drop off in the box office this weekend of just a little less than 50% compared to last Thanksgiving weekend, Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005) managed to remain in top position, albeit with 'only' $19.9M. The movie now sits at just under $230M and should have no trouble adding more, surpassing all the previous films in the series but the first one, even with the two big blockbusters expected to come out before the end of the year. Both King Kong and The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe are expected to close the year with a bang.

Aeon Flux (2005) however is starting with a whimper, and that's putting it nicely. With only $12.7M, which is lower than even the lowered expectations the industry had, and terrible reviews, the film is not likely to get much farther than that. It may top at $30M more or less.

Walk The Line (2005) continues to do very well, and packed another $9.5M. With a total now of $68.3M, the movie is a pretty good succes. All tat's missing now is some Oscar glory.

RankMovieWeekend GrossTheater CountTotal GrossDays
1This movie has an online cover Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005)$19.9M3,858$229.3M17
2 Aeon Flux (2005)$12.7M2,608$12.7M3
3 Walk The Line (2005)$9.5M3,160$68.3M17
4 Yours, Mine And Ours (2005)$8.3M3,210$34.4M12
5 Just Friends (2005)$5.6M2,505$21.1M12
6This movie has an online cover Pride And Prejudice (2005)$4.6M1,327$22.6M24
7 Rent (2005)$4.4M2,437$23.7M12
8This movie has an online cover Chicken Little (2005)$4.4M3,021$124.1M31
9This movie has an online cover Derailed (2005)$2.3M1,702$32.7M24
10 In The Mix (2005)$1.9M1,608$8.6M12
11 Ice Harvest, The (2005)$1.7M1,555$7.7M12
12This movie has an online cover Zathura (2005)$1.2M1,791$27.5M24
13This movie has an online cover Jarhead (2005)$1.1M1,246$61.1M31
14 Good Night And Good Luck (2005)$1.1M631$21M59
15This movie has an online cover Saw 2 (2005)$936.8K926$85.7M38
16This movie has an online cover Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2005)$925.6K906$29.8M26
17This movie has an online cover Polar Express, The (2004)$838K66$165.3M390
18This movie has an online cover Capote (2005)$547.6K247$9.8M66
19 Syriana (2005)$521.4K9$1.3M12
20 First Descent (2005)$438.6K243$438.6K3
For the top 20 movies:$82.9M33,056$987.3M

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