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2005.12.13 - BoxOffice News

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (2005) blew all expectations away last weekend and pocketed $65.5M. That was huge and the movie should continue to do very well, even with the monkey movie (as my 2 and a half year old calls it) coming out tomorrow as the target audiences are quite different. The reviews however are just good, when the studios had expected fantastic ones.

Syriana (2005) had a big expansion this weekend and made $11.7M. Directed by Stephen Gaghan who also wrote Traffic (2000). The reviews all say that the movie is very much in the same vein, and really challenging for its audiences in good way. It' also, of course, an Oscar hopefull.

Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005) added $10.3M to its coffers, and now sits at $244.1M. It's about $20M from passing by the last two Potter films, which it should be able to do over the next few weeks.

RankMovieWeekend GrossTheater CountTotal GrossDays
1 Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witc... (2005)$65.6M3,616$65.6M3
2 Syriana (2005)$11.7M1,752$13.2M19
3This movie has an online cover Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005)$10.3M3,728$244.1M24
4 Walk The Line (2005)$5.7M3,034$77M24
5 Yours, Mine And Ours (2005)$5.1M3,210$40.8M19
6 Aeon Flux (2005)$4.6M2,608$20.2M10
7 Just Friends (2005)$3.8M2,464$26.4M19
8This movie has an online cover Pride And Prejudice (2005)$2.6M1,335$26.5M31
9This movie has an online cover Chicken Little (2005)$2.3M2,326$127.3M38
10 Rent (2005)$2M1,971$26.9M19
11This movie has an online cover Derailed (2005)$1.2M1,128$34.7M31
12This movie has an online cover Polar Express, The (2004)$931.6K66$166.6M397
13 In The Mix (2005)$777.2K934$9.8M19
14 Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)$682.5K8$682.5K3
15 Brokeback Mountain (2005)$547.4K5$547.4K3
16 Good Night And Good Luck (2005)$538.1K512$21.9M66
17 Ice Harvest, The (2005)$504.5K865$8.8M19
18This movie has an online cover Saw 2 (2005)$456.3K551$86.5M45
19This movie has an online cover Jarhead (2005)$436.5K704$62M38
20This movie has an online cover Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2005)$366.1K432$30.4M33
For the top 20 movies:$120.1M31,249$1.1B

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