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BoxOffice News (2005.12.28)

2006.01.04 - BoxOffice News

Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, The (2005) retook first place this weekend, beating out #2 King Kong (2005) by less than $1M. Narnia crossed the $200M mark and now sits at $218M. Kong added $25M and sits at $168.5M. After a terrible start, the movie has fared better, and Kong won't be the financial disaster some had feared: some execs must be breathing again as profitability will be reached, albeint not during its US theatrical release.

Fun With Dick And Jane (2005) did a little bit better than expected and with an additional $16.5M now sits at about $60M. This is not what people wanted, given the film's $85M budget. Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (2005) hoever was much cheaper to make, and is on its way to making a profit. With $14.5M, the movie just crossed the $50M bar.

The two Oscar hopefulls continue to disappoint. Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005) barely aded $8M this week and is now sitting just under $30M. Munich (2005) is faring even worse. With less than $5M this weekend, the movie is still under the $15M bar.

Finally, the third blockbuster of the 2005 holliday season packed an additional $5.7M. Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005) is now officialy the second highest performing film of the series. It still has a little bit of way to go and may reach the $300M milestone, but it won't pass the original movie that still sits supreme at $317.6M.

RankMovieWeekend GrossTheater CountTotal GrossDays
1This movie has an online cover Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witc... (2005)$25.7M3,853$217.7M24
2This movie has an online cover King Kong (2005)$24.8M3,627$168.5M19
3 Fun With Dick And Jane (2005)$16.5M3,056$60.1M12
4 Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (2005)$14.5M3,211$50.3M12
5 Rumor Has It... (2005)$9.4M2,815$24.4M8
6 Family Stone, The (2005)$8.1M2,464$44.2M17
7 Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)$7.7M1,547$28.2M24
8 Ringer, The (2005)$6.2M1,853$19.8M10
9This movie has an online cover Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005)$5.7M2,316$275.1M45
10 Munich (2005)$4.8M532$14.3M10
11 Syriana (2005)$4.1M1,725$37.7M40
12 Producers: The Movie Musical, The (2005)$4M978$10.6M17
13 Wolf Creek (2005)$3.8M1,761$12.2M8
14 Brokeback Mountain (2005)$3.6M269$13.9M24
15This movie has an online cover Walk The Line (2005)$2.7M1,160$91.7M45
16 Yours, Mine And Ours (2005)$1.2M1,174$50.7M40
17This movie has an online cover Pride And Prejudice (2005)$1M407$33.8M52
18This movie has an online cover Chicken Little (2005)$799K803$131.9M59
19This movie has an online cover Polar Express, The (2004)$742.1K66$172.6M418
20 Casanova (2005)$405.6K37$891.8K8
For the top 20 movies:$145.6M33,654$1.5B

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Article: Korean Cinema (2006.01.04)
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BoxOffice News (2005.12.28)