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2004.04.08 - DVD News

The latest 3-disk special edition of Fincher's Panic Room is fantastic, so grab a copy, even if you already own the Superbit edition or you only "like" the movie. This is DVD at its best.

Buena Vista, a division of Disney, will release an Unrated Edition of Bad Santa that is tentatively called "Badder Santa: Unrated Version". This will come along with the theatrical R-rated version. So if you want the real deal, be careful when you pick the DVD. I have no details yet about how much extra material will be added. Buena Vista will also re-release The Black Hole, supposedly in a spiffy new special edition in August.

Criterion, the DVD production company for film buffs, will release in June Godard's A Woman Is A Woman and Kurosawa's The Lower Depths. This last one is a remake of French director Jean Renoir's Les Bas-Fonds which will also be included on the DVD. This is something not to be missed. Here are the covers.


Finally, HBO will release in July George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh's political insider made-for-TV mini-series "K Street". I caught a few episodes on TV and really enjoyed it, so i am looking forward to the 2-disk package.

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