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2005.11.22 - BoxOffice News

Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005) was, pretty much as expected, teh undisputable champ this weekend. As a matter of fact, it was the biggest box office hit in a while if you exclude Star Wars Episode 3, Revenge Of The Sith. With $102.3M during its opening weekend, the movie is a smash hit. It's the best opening of the series so far, and the best opening for november ever. It's also in the top 10 of best openings ever period. With Thanksgiving next weekend (a full 4 days), the movie will likely break $200M. The reviews are excellent, and the word of mouth so far is very positive.

Walk The Line (2005) also beat expectations and in spite of average reviews, managed to pull in $22.3M. The Johnny Cash piopic is earning great praises for actors Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, but otherwise, people find the movie rather tame and conventional when it's about a character that's anything but.

Chicken Little (2005) fell down quite drastically this weekend and was not able to pass the $100M mark. It now sits at $99.1M, but it's sure to do good business next weekend.

RankMovieWeekend GrossTheater CountTotal GrossDays
1This movie has an online cover Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005)$102.3M3,858$102.3M3
2 Walk The Line (2005)$22.3M2,961$22.3M3
3This movie has an online cover Chicken Little (2005)$14.7M3,514$99.1M17
4This movie has an online cover Derailed (2005)$6.5M2,447$21.8M10
5This movie has an online cover Zathura (2005)$5.1M3,232$20.3M10
6This movie has an online cover Jarhead (2005)$4.8M2,413$54.3M17
7This movie has an online cover Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2005)$4.4M1,666$24.5M12
8This movie has an online cover Saw 2 (2005)$4M2,257$79.9M24
9This movie has an online cover Mask Of Zorro 2, The Legend Of Zoro, The (2005)$2.4M2,150$42.8M24
10This movie has an online cover Pride And Prejudice (2005)$2.1M221$6M10
11 Good Night And Good Luck (2005)$1.7M803$16.9M45
12This movie has an online cover Prime (2005)$1.6M1,227$21.4M24
13This movie has an online cover Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story (2005)$1.2M1,543$30.8M31
14This movie has an online cover Shopgirl (2005)$1M413$7.7M31
15This movie has an online cover Capote (2005)$846.5K317$7.7M52
16This movie has an online cover Flightplan (2005)$569.6K563$87.5M59
17This movie has an online cover Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005)$502.2K226$2.9M31
18This movie has an online cover Weather Man, The (2005)$333.6K736$12.2M24
19This movie has an online cover Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Wer... (2005)$285.6K488$54.7M47
20 Squid And The Whale, The (2005)$280.9K80$2.8M47
For the top 20 movies:$177M31,115$718.1M

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BoxOffice News (2005.11.29)
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Cover News: 26 new covers posted (2005.11.22)