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2004.04.10 - Industry News

Jobs Vs. Eisner: Pixar and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has put on hold discussions with other studios about forming a new partnership. He would prefer to remain married to Disney if Eisner is pushed out and he can alter the terms of the relationship to his liking.

Passion in Italy: Mel's Passion shattered all existing box office records in its Wednesday premiere in Italy, the country where it was filmed. It earned $1.48M, beating the $1.34M earned by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Unlike most countries, which have barred children and teens from seeing it unless accompanied by adults, Italy laid down no rating restrictions on it.

DVD Players That Censor: Clearplay, which upset Hollywood when it began removing scenes of sex, violence and swearing from its customers' home videos, is now selling a $79 DVD player, manufactured by RCA and sold in Wal-Mart stores, that has been programmed to skip over or mute possibly objectionable scenes in over 500 movies. Clearplay argues that the new technology simply provides viewers with a different way to play movies they already own and is no different from the fast-forward button. As such, it says that no copyright infringement occurs.

Rodriguez And The DGA: Robert Rodriguez has decided to resign from the Directors Guild of America rather than conform to its "one director-one film" policy. Rodriguez wants to co-direct Dimension Films' Sin City with Frank Miller, who wrote and illustrated the graphic novel series on which the movie is based, and maybe also his buddy Quentin Tarantino. The guild maintains that only one director may receive screen credit on any film.

Tarantino To Do Bond?: Pierce Brosnan recently revealed that writers have been struggling writing the script for a new 007 thriller. He suggested that they return to a more character-driven plot like the one in the original Casino Royale novel. A few days later, Quentin Tarantino has indicated that he would like to remake Casino Royale, with Brosnan in the starring role. That is, if MGM and the producers would play the game: "I don't see that they have anything to lose at all. They've got this gigantic franchise. Pierce Brosnan's only going to do one more movie for them, if that, so ... go my way and do it a little differently. I won't do anything that will ruin the series".

South Park's Passion: Mel's Passion may have been a stupendous success at the box office, but 4.4 million viewers (as stupendous by cable TV standards) tuned in to watch last week's episode of South Park, titled "The Passion of the Jew". It was the highest ratings the Comedy Central show has received since 1998.

Canada Is Censor-Free: Alanis Morissette dropped a white robe on stage as she hosted the Juno Awards Sunday night (the Canadian Grammies) revealing a nude-colored body suit, complete with exaggerated nipples and pubic hair. The announcer's voice boomed: "We can't show nipples on national TV, and you can't show pubic hair either". Alanis then tore off the nipples and pubic hair from the body suit. The bit was a pre-planned sketch aiming to make light of the recent Super Bowl controversy in the United States.

Letterman : The White House is engaging in silly damage control after a recent David Letterman's show featured a yawning and fidgeting 12-year-old boy seated behind the president as he delivered a speech. The boy, subsequently identified as Tyler Crotty, the son of Republican fund-raiser, has been booked to appear on Letterman's show, apparently at the urging of the White House: "He's a young person who strongly supports the president and is excited about getting a chance to talk about it". The boy's father was blaming himself for his son's conduct because he had kept him up late the night before, then got him up early that day and brought him to the convention center, where he had to wait some three hours before the president appeared.

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