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2006.01.11 - BoxOffice News

Hostel (2005) surprised pretty much everyone this weekend by not only finishing first, but doing so with almost $20M. This is a hard-core horror film, not the type you'd expect to gather such numbers, especially outside of the Halloween season. The movie cost a few millions to make, and $20M to market, so by the end of next weekend, the movie will already be in healthy profit territory.

Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, The (2005) finished second with an additional $15.6M. The movie will pass the $250M mark over the week, and will go on to trying to reach $300M. Disney is very happy for sure.

King Kong (2005) however is struggling. With $12.6M, the movie did not pass the $200M milestone. It will do so for sure next weekend, but it will probably be the last milestone it will reach. The studios are definitely disappointed and are still a long way to protifability, which will probably be reached barely on the home video market.

Fun With Dick And Jane (2005) continues its strut and adds almost $12M. The movie now sits at over $80M and will reach $100M pretty much for sure. It's still a low number though for Jim Carey and a movie that cost $80M just to produce. Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (2005) is also progressive well, with $8M. Sitting at $66.6M, it is literally an inch away from that milestone that will commend another sequel. The movie will reach $75M without trouble.

Our Oscar hopefulls Munich (2005) and Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005) are still doing so so, and will need a major, but unlikely, Oscar push to recoup costs. Another Oscar hopeful, Woody Allen's new movie, Match Point (2005), however is getting great reviews, and is likely to get a few Oscar nods, but the public is not running in the right direction. Granted, the movie is in limited release, with just 300 theaters, but with only $3.6M so far, it's not a success. We'll have to see.

Finally, BloodRayne (2005) is getting the dubious reputation for being one of the worst films ever made. Even the most mindless fans of the video game are calling the movie a crime against humanity. In its opening weekend, the big budgetted video-game-based film crashed hard and fast with only $1.6M.

1This movie has an online cover Hostel (2005)$19.6M2,195$19.6M3
2This movie has an online cover Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, The (2005)$15.6M3,514$247.8M31
3This movie has an online cover King Kong (2005)$12.6M3,482$192.7M26
4This movie has an online cover Fun With Dick And Jane (2005)$11.9M3,182$81.1M19
5This movie has an online cover Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (2005)$8.4M3,109$66.6M19
6This movie has an online cover Munich (2005)$7.6M1,485$25.4M17
7This movie has an online cover Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)$6.1M1,589$39.9M31
8This movie has an online cover Brokeback Mountain (2005)$5.7M483$22.4M31
9This movie has an online cover Rumor Has It... (2005)$5.7M2,766$35.2M15
10This movie has an online cover Family Stone, The (2005)$4.6M2,085$53.2M24
11This movie has an online cover Ringer, The (2005)$4.2M1,688$27.8M17
12 Casanova (2005)$3.8M1,004$5M15
13 Grandma's Boy (2006)$3M2,016$3M3
14This movie has an online cover Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire (2005)$2.9M1,555$281.5M52
15This movie has an online cover Match Point (2005)$2.7M304$3.6M12
16This movie has an online cover Producers: The Movie Musical, The (2005)$2.2M937$15.1M24
17This movie has an online cover Walk The Line (2005)$2.1M1,027$95.4M52
18This movie has an online cover Syriana (2005)$2.1M1,202$42.1M47
19This movie has an online cover BloodRayne (2005)$1.6M985$1.6M3
20This movie has an online cover Wolf Creek (2005)$1.1M1,479$15.3M15
For the top 20 movies:$123.6M36,087$1.3B

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BoxOffice News (2006.01.18)
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SiteNews: 51 new covers posted (2006.01.05)