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2006.04.18 - BoxOffice News

Scary Movie 4 (2006) literally lit up the box office this weekend adn broke all sorts of records, like best Easter opening. With $40.2M, it definitely surpassed most predictions, but with average reviews at best, and the genre of the movie, it may actually prove hard to just reach $100M. By any means though, this has been a successful franchine, and this fourth and final chapter of this funny trilogy is already a success.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006) continues to do well with $20M in its third weekend. The movie will break $150M any day now and will be on its way to try to break $200M.

Benchwarmers, The (2006) also did well for this type of movie and is apparently, get ready, the most successful Baseball-themed movie ever... Yeah, you heard right. With an additional $9.9M, the movie now sits at a little bit over $35M and should reach $50M by the time its run is over.

Wild, The (2006) however is already a bomb, and an expensive mistake for Disney. A virtual copy of last year's Madagascar (2005) (although you can't really blame plagiarism as the movie was already well under production when the other movie came out), the movie simply didn't catch the eye of many people. The entire production ran through many difficulties, with delays, budget overrun (ending costing over $80M for an intial budget of just $60M), and quite a demoralizing moment i am sure when Madagascar came out with the same storyline a full year ahead. Tough.

1Scary Movie 4 (2006)$40.2M3,602$40.2M3
2Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)$20M3,873$147.2M17
3Benchwarmers, The (2006)$9.9M3,282$35.9M10
4Wild, The (2006)$9.7M2,854$9.7M3
5Take The Lead (2006)$6.8M3,009$22.6M10
6Inside Man (2006)$6.4M2,477$75.4M24
7Lucky Number Slevin (2006)$4.8M1,989$14.3M10
8Thank You For Smoking (2005)$4.5M1,015$11.5M31
9Failure To Launch (2006)$2.6M1,950$83.2M38
10V For Vendetta (2005)$2.2M1,380$66M31
11ATL (2006)$1.4M1,315$19.7M17
12Phat Girlz (2006)$1.3M1,060$5.3M10
13Mujer De Mi Hermano, La (2005)$1M206$1M3
14She's The Man (2006)$930K1,051$31.8M31
15Friends With Money (2006)$739.7K42$1.5M10
16Stay Alive (2006)$726.7K1,039$22.1M24
17Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector (2006)$673K976$14.8M24
18Deep Sea 3-D (2006)$394.6K46$6M45
19Shaggy Dog, The (2006)$373.3K748$56.7M38
20Hills Have Eyes, The (2006)$336.2K357$40.9M38
For the top 20 movies:$115.1M32,271$706M

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