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2006.05.04 - Site News: 6000 covers, Tarantino and United 93

I have been on a business trip in Austin, Texas, for the past few days and when i boarded the plane back to NYC this morning at 7:45, i saw none other than Quentin Tarantino himself. He was sitting in business class, of course, and i was sitting literally 4 rows behind him, in the coach section. What a shock! I smiled at him, he noticed that i had recognized him and then smiled back. It repeated after we landed and left the plane and that was it. I guess the 5h of sleep i had the night before after a long work day must have clouded my brain because i was just too shy, or just didn't feel like bothering him, to go up to him and shake his hand. What a loser. Oh well. what surprised me the most was that he is a very big guy. He must be 6'3" or something because he was taller than me and i am 6'1". He's also pretty big in his overall frame. For some reason, i had imagined him much smaller and narrower. This guy should be a Football player, not a movie director.

Since good things are supposed to come in pairs, when i got back home and got to check up on the site again, i saw that some new covers had been submitted over the week and we passed the 6,000 bars. That's right folks: the site now has now more than six thousand individual DVD covers. And as usual, we really mean unique covers. Unlike other sites that inflate their numbers, we do not have multiple covers for the same movies.

Finally, last night, i got the opportunity to catch a film in the theaters and got to watch United 93 (2006). Boy oh boy! I don't think i have been so shaken up by a movie since Schindler's List (1993). This movie is one powerful piece of filmmaking that is sure to deeply affect anyone who has been touched by the 9/11 tragedy. If you feel the wounds are still too fresh, then don't see this film because it will reopen them as if you were thrown back to that very day. If you think you can take it, this is an amazing film that feels like a bowl of fresh air before the unavoidable exploitative or conspirary movies that are sure to follow. A+ material. A full review will come soon.

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