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2006.05.23 - BoxOffice News

Da Vinci Code, The (2006) amazed everyone by pretty much topping all expectations. It opened with a bang at $77.1M and continues to go strong as it added 8.8M on Monday to now tops $86M. Internationally, the film has been doing amazingly well too with over $150M. Worldwide, the movie is a day away from topping $250M already, after just 5 days being out.

OverThe Hedge (2006) however was not so lucky and only made $38.5M. This is qhite a disappointment for the makers of Shrek. What the top film made over its expectations,this film made under. It's strange because the two films have different demographics. I guess parents all over the nation ditched their kids for their weekend movie and chose to go watch Da Vinci. This may mean that next weekend,which is a long weekend holiday in the US (Memorial Day), the film will do better.

Mission: Impossible 3 (2006) also disappointed, again, and added $11.3M to now top $103.5M. The movie is a disappointment but not a disaster so noonewilllose their jobs over it and we may see a 4th one later.

Finally, United 93 (2006), my favorite film of the year so far, refuses to die and stilll figures in the top 10. It added 1.4M this weekend and should break the $30M mark in a week or two.

1Da Vinci Code, The (2006)$77.1M3,735$77.1M3
2OverThe Hedge (2006)$38.5M4,059$38.5M3
3Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)$11.3M3,450$103.5M17
4Poseidon (2006)$9.2M3,555$36.8M10
5R.V. (2006)$5M2,925$50.3M24
6See No Evil (2006)$4.6M1,257$4.6M3
7Just My Luck (2006)$3.4M2,543$10.5M10
8American Haunting, An (2005)$1.5M1,265$13.4M17
9United 93 (2006)$1.4M1,308$28.3M24
10Akeelah And The Bee (2006)$1M751$15.7M24
11Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)$988K1,156$189.3M52
12Stick It (2006)$974.7K1,100$23.9M24
13Goal! 1, The Dream Begins (2005)$673.1K1,007$3M10
14Scary Movie 4 (2006)$653.1K752$87.7M38
15Silent Hill (2006)$513K588$45.9M31
16Thank You For Smoking (2005)$506.6K315$22.2M66
17Art School Confidential (2006)$476.1K458$2.3M17
18Friends With Money (2006)$427.3K260$11.8M45
19Hoot (2006)$423.7K818$7.4M17
20Keeping Up With The Steins (2006)$383.4K138$1.2M10
For the top 20 movies:$159M31,440$773.4M

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