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2006.06.06 - BoxOffice News

What a surprising weekend. After all sorts of records broke last week with X 3, The Last Stand (2006), few had predicted it would fall so fast and so hard. Having made almost $103M in its opening weekend, the film fell over 67% and only managed $34M, finishing second for its sophomore weekend. That's a huge drop second only to Hulk, The (2003) 3 years ago. The movie did break $175M though, and if it doesn't fall further next week, should easily reach $250M by the time it's done.

Break Up, The (2006) beat all expectations and was the movie that finished first this weekend. It saw one of the best opening ever for a Romantic Comedy with $39.2M in spite of average reviews. The movie is pretty much assured to make $100M, but the real question is whether it could match last year's surprise $210M hit Wedding Crashers (2005) since that's what people will compare it with now from a box office potential point of view.

Over The Hedge (2006) probably had its last weekend in the spotlight before the Pixar juggernaut Cars (2006) comes out next week. With $20.6M in its third weekend, the movie did rather well and easily passed the $100M mark. The movie will finish close to $150M, which is not as high as studios had expected, but a hit nevertheless.

In other news, Da Vinci Code, The (2006) is slowly making its way to $200M, and Mission: Impossible 3 (2006) is struggling at around $125M. The movie is a disappointment, as it will not even make $150M, but its international tally has been good as it passed $300M this weekend, so there is a little bit of profit to show (the movie was expensive to make). Finally, United 93 (2006), the best movie of the year so far, just passed the $30M bar.

1Break Up, The (2006)$39.2M3,070$39.2M3
2X 3, The Last Stand (2006)$34M3,714$175.3M10
3OverThe Hedge (2006)$20.6M3,993$112.4M17
4Da Vinci Code, The (2006)$18.6M3,757$172M17
5Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)$4.7M2,667$122.7M31
6Poseidon (2006)$3.5M2,720$51.8M24
7R.V. (2006)$3.2M2,181$61.7M38
8See No Evil (2006)$2M1,270$12.4M17
9Inconvenient Truth, An (2006)$1.4M77$1.9M12
10Just My Luck (2006)$854.7K958$15.6M24
11Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)$623.5K514$191.5M66
12United 93 (2006)$493K653$30.6M38
13American Haunting, An (2005)$465.7K528$15.6M31
14Akeelah And The Bee (2006)$438.1K405$17.8M38
15Keeping Up With The Steins (2006)$431.5K163$2.6M24
16District 13 (2004)$411.5K151$411.5K3
17Fanaa (2006)$400.2K72$1.4M10
18Thank You For Smoking (2005)$331.1K264$23.5M80
19Deep Sea 3-D (2006)$308.2K46$10.3M94
20Sentinel, The (2006)$278.2K242$35.6M45
For the top 20 movies:$132.3M27,445$1.1B

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Interesting Articles (2006.06.05)