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BoxOffice News (2006.06.06)

2006.06.13 - BoxOffice News

Blame it on crazy-high expectations but in spite of an incredible $60.1M and finishing first easily this weekend, Cars (2006) is being seen as Pixar's first flop! The world is insane. Nevertheless, this is one of the less well reviewed Pixar film in quite a long time, and it did open significantly lower that the last two films (Finding Nemo (2003) and Incredibles, The (2004)). Also, with the complete over-exposure in the media, many people may have decided to not risk going to packed theaters and wait until next weekend. It's certainly how i felt until my kids starting to scream uncontrollably and i caved in. To my surprise, the theater was not close to being full, and i knew then that something was amiss. The movie should have good legs though and $200M is pretty much assured. The question is whether it will match or beat The Incredibles which ended its run with $261.4M. Finding Nemo is definitely out of reach as it pulled in $339.7M.

The second film this weekend was also not a surprise. Break Up, The (2006) pulled in $20.3M and sits now above $74M. The film will have no problem reaching $100M within the bext 2 weeks, and the question is how far it will continue to go. X 3, The Last Stand (2006) did better than expected and rebounded a little over the weekend. With $16.1M, is became the first movie of 2006 to break the $200M mark, and is now the top dog for this year's box office. Next milestone, $250M.

Finally, something strange is happening... On the table below, click on the "Days" column and sort the table so that the oldest movies show up first... Do you see it? After 94 days in the theaters (14 weeks), Shaggy Dog, The (2006) is still making enough bucks to remain in the top 20 films of the weekend. The movie will pass the $60M mark with a whisper next week. R.V. (2006) is also doing something similar. After 45 days being out (7 weeks), it still manages to be in the top 10, and pull in almost $2M. The film will likely pass $70M, again with a whisper, sometimes over the next month. It's sometimes interesting to look beyond the top stars of the weekend and see what movies are still making the top 20. Here, we have two movies that were trashed by the press, showing pretty good legs adn staying power in the theaters.

1Cars (2006)$60.1M3,985$60.1M3
2Break Up, The (2006)$20.3M3,075$73.9M10
3X 3, The Last Stand (2006)$16.1M3,680$202.2M17
4Omen, The (2006)$16M2,723$36.3M6
5Da Vinci Code, The (2006)$10.4M3,319$189.2M24
6OverThe Hedge (2006)$10.2M3,527$130.2M24
7Prairie Home Companion, A (2006)$4.6M760$4.6M3
8Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)$3M1,908$127.5M38
9R.V. (2006)$1.9M1,622$64.9M45
10Poseidon (2006)$1.8M1,724$54.9M31
11Inconvenient Truth, An (2006)$1.5M122$4M19
12See No Evil (2006)$984.4K900$14.1M24
13Shaggy Dog, The (2006)$832.4K308$59.2M94
14Stick It (2006)$448.3K201$25.5M45
15Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)$447.9K431$192.2M73
16Just My Luck (2006)$419.8K413$16.4M31
17Keeping Up With The Steins (2006)$331.4K161$3M31
18Deep Sea 3-D (2006)$305.9K45$11M101
19Wild, The (2006)$257.4K145$35.7M59
20Proposition, The (2005)$245.2K78$1M38
For the top 20 movies:$150.3M29,127$1.3B

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BoxOffice News (2006.06.06)