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2006.08.22 - BoxOffice News

With all the hype surrounding the movie, everybody knew there was little chance it would be matched. But, with a $15.2M opening, Snakes On A Plane (2006) managed a good first weekend. The reviews have been surprisingly good and now, it will be a matter of whether the word of mouth translates into a $50-75M mid-level hit, or a $30M flop.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby (2006) passed the $100M over the week and now sits at $114.3M. It's on its way to become the highest grossing non-animated comedy of the year. World Trade Center (2006) is also doing relatively well and on its way to match its production budget. With an additional $10.9M this weekend, the film now sits at $45.1M.

Finally, yes, Pirates Of The Caribbean 2, Dead Man's Chest (2006) did cross the $400M mark this weekend, but it did so 2 days later than Shrek 2 (2004) did, so that record still stands. Internationally, the movie is doing very well too and is approaching the $1B mark.

1Snakes On A Plane (2006)$15.2M3,555$15.2M3
2Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby (2006)$13.8M3,741$114.3M17
3World Trade Center (2006)$10.9M2,998$45.1M12
4Step Up (2006)$10.2M2,639$39.7M10
5Accepted (2006)$10M2,914$10M3
6Barnyard: The Original Party Animals (2006)$7.6M3,227$46.1M17
7Little Miss Sunshine (2006)$5.6M691$12.7M26
8Pirates Of The Caribbean 2, Dead Man's Chest (2006)$5.2M2,277$401.3M45
9Material Girls (2006)$4.6M1,509$4.6M3
10Pulse (2006)$3.5M2,323$14.7M10
11Descent, The (2005)$2.4M1,720$22.3M17
12Miami Vice (2006)$2.4M1,680$59.9M24
13Zoom (2006)$2.4M2,501$9M10
14Monster House (2006)$2M1,673$67.4M31
15Devil Wears Prada, The (2006)$1.3M824$119M52
16John Tucker Must Die (2006)$1.1M1,218$38.6M24
17Ant Bully, The (2006)$1M850$24.6M24
18You, Me And Dupree (2006)$1M760$72.9M38
19Illusionist, The (2006)$928K51$928K3
20Superman Returns (2006)$848.3K383$194.2M54

For the top 20 movies:$102.1M37,534$1.3B

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