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2006.09.20 - BoxOffice News

Another mediocre weekend saw the top 20 movies cash in a meager $70.9M. The top movie, Gridiron Gang (2006) managed to open on top with $14.4M, which is lower than was expected. Black Dahlia, The (2006) followed with $10M, but weak reviews, especially for a Brian De Palma film, the Scarlett Johanson effect and direct competition from Hollywoodland will put pressure on the film's chances to move much further. Everyone's Hero (2006) is also getting average reviews and only managed $6.1M. The digital animation space has been very crowded this year and there have been many more misses than hits and this film doesn't look like a hit, especially since the hotly anticipated Open Season is coming out in 2 weeks.

1Gridiron Gang (2006)$14.4M3,504$14.4M3
2Black Dahlia, The (2006)$10M2,226$10M3
3Everyone'S Hero (2006)$6.1M2,896$6.1M3
4Covenant, The (2006)$4.8M2,681$15.8M10
5Last Kiss, The (2006)$4.6M1,357$4.6M3
6Invincible (2006)$4.1M2,830$51.1M24
7Illusionist, The (2006)$3.6M1,438$23.1M31
8Little Miss Sunshine (2006)$3.3M1,436$46.4M54
9Hollywoodland (2006)$2.7M1,551$10.5M10
10Crank (2006)$2.7M2,177$24.4M17
11Protector, The (2005)$2.5M1,541$9.1M10
12Wicker Man, The (2006)$2.1M2,407$20.8M17
13Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby (2006)$2M1,912$145M45
14Barnyard: The Original Party Animals (2006)$1.7M1,818$69.1M45
15Accepted (2006)$1.4M1,458$34.2M31
16Step Up (2006)$1.4M1,408$63.6M38
17Pirates Of The Caribbean 2, Dead Man's Chest (2006)$1.3M1,039$418.4M73
18World Trade Center (2006)$1M1,474$69.1M40
19How To Eat Fried Worms (2006)$695.6K1,121$12.2M24
20Beerfest (2006)$525.4K714$18.4M24

For the top 20 movies:$70.9M36,988$1.1B

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