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2006.10.04 - BoxOffice News

The box office rebounded a little this weekend and Open Season (2006) opened on top with $23.6M. This was slightly less that what some analysts expected, but without any real competition in terms of children fares until November, the movie may make $100M. However, it was expensive to make, with some estimates reaching $90M.

Second this weekend came Guardian, The (2006) . With $18M, it was significantly lower than expected and it definitely doesn't look good going on from here if you believe the reviews. In third position came Jackass 2: Number Two (2006). This film added $14.6M to its coffers and now sits at $52.1M. Basically, everything from here on is pure gravy as the film is now in profit territory. The joke goes that a third installment is not far if they can afford the insurance cost...

1Open Season (2006)$23.6M3,833$23.6M3
2Guardian, The (2006)$18M3,241$18M3
3Jackass 2: Number Two (2006)$14.6M3,063$52.1M10
4School For Scoundrels (2006)$8.6M3,004$8.6M3
5Fearless (2006)$5M1,810$18.1M10
6Gridiron Gang (2006)$4.6M3,033$33.3M17
7Illusionist, The (2006)$2.7M1,319$31.4M45
8Flyboys (2006)$2.4M2,033$9.9M10
9Black Dahlia, The (2006)$2.1M2,009$20.7M17
10Little Miss Sunshine (2006)$2M1,065$53.1M68
11All The King'S Men (2006)$1.5M1,520$6.2M10
12Facing The Giants (2006)$1.3M441$1.3M3
13Covenant, The (2006)$1.3M1,700$22.3M24
14Last Kiss, The (2006)$1.2M1,116$10.4M17
15Everyone'S Hero (2006)$1.2M2,201$13.3M17
16Science Of Sleep, The (2006)$1.1M221$1.6M10
17Invincible (2006)$1.1M1,357$56.3M38
18Hollywoodland (2006)$551.2K529$13.9M24
19Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby (2006)$468.2K669$147.4M59
20Pirates Of The Caribbean 2, Dead Man's Chest (2006)$464.7K485$420.3M87

For the top 20 movies:$93.9M34,649$962M

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