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2006.10.18 - BoxOffice News

Grudge 2, The (2006) won the weekend, but it was quite a disappointment since it make on Friday as much as it made for the rest of the weekend. The reviews are attrovious and even the fans are crying foul for a grudgingly boring flick. It made $20.8M and will probably have trouble passing $40M in the end. On the good news, the movie only cost $20M to make, so a profit is pretty much assured by the time the movie comes to home video.

Departed, The (2006) however is showing great momentum. With $19M in its second weekend, the movie now sits at $57M. At this point, a $100M tally is pretty much guaranteed which would mark the second time director Martin Scorsese achieves this milestone. The first time was with his previous movie, Aviator, The (2004). The reviews are still spectacular and the Oscar buzz is mounting. Hopefully, it won't have died out by the time they come.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: The Beginning, The (2006), last week's champ, collapsed this week and only managed $7.5M . The movie has so far raked in $30.2M but it will likely never reach $50M. On the good side, the movie did not cost a lot to make.

1Grudge 2, The (2006)$20.8M3,211$20.8M3
2Departed, The (2006)$19M3,017$57M10
3Man Of The Year (2006)$12.3M2,515$12.3M3
4Open Season (2006)$11.1M3,687$59.3M17
5Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: The Beginning, The (2006)$7.5M2,820$30.2M10
6Aquamarine (2006)$7.1M2,545$18.6M3
7Guardian, The (2006)$5.9M3,044$41.1M17
8Employee Of The Month (2006)$5.3M2,579$19.6M10
9One Night With The King (2006)$4.1M909$4.1M3
10Jackass 2: Number Two (2006)$3.3M2,330$68.4M24
11Illusionist, The (2006)$1.4M825$36.2M59
12School For Scoundrels (2006)$1.3M1,406$16.4M17
13Queen, The (2006)$1M46$1.9M16
14Fearless (2006)$969.2K886$23.5M24
15Little Miss Sunshine (2006)$872.4K505$56.4M82
16Facing The Giants (2006)$840.8K347$4.1M17
17Gridiron Gang (2006)$772.6K1,174$38M31
18Last King Of Scotland, The (2006)$611.1K104$1.3M19
19Science Of Sleep, The (2006)$497.9K243$3.5M24
20Infamous (2006)$453K179$453K3

For the top 20 movies:$105.2M32,372$513M

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