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2006.11.14 - BoxOffice News

Borat (2006) continues to make benefit glorious 20th Century Fox. The film is simply not letting go and packed in $28.3M this weekend. After 10 days in theaters, the movie has made a total of  $67.1M which is very impressive given that most analysts had predicted $20M, maybe $25M in total at most. Fox has tripled the theater count which proved a good thing as the movie made more this weekend than it made last weekend.

Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, The (2006) also did much better than expected. Last weekend was kind of a let down, but its sophomore weekend saw a very small drop. The movie made $16.9M and now sits on $41.1M. The movie may end up not being as much of a failure as was originally thought. Flushed Away (2006) also saw a minor drop from its first weekend and added $16.6M. It now sits on $39.8M.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) got great reviews from almost everybody, especially regarding Will Ferrell's performance, but struggled a little with $13.4M. This is in line with expectations but some had expected a little bit more.

1Borat (2006)$28.3M2,566$67.1M10
2Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, The (2006)$16.9M3,458$41.1M10
3Flushed Away (2006)$16.6M3,707$39.8M10
4Stranger Than Fiction (2006)$13.4M2,264$13.4M3
5Saw 3 (2006)$7M3,013$70.3M17
6Babel (2006)$5.6M1,251$7.4M17
7Departed, The (2006)$5.2M2,210$109.7M38
8Prestige, The (2006)$4.8M2,236$46.2M24
9Return, The (2006)$4.5M1,984$4.5M3
10Good Year, A (2006)$3.7M2,066$3.7M3
11Flags Of Our Fathers (2006)$2.8M1,963$31M24
12Queen, The (2006)$2.7M484$13.9M44
13Harsh Times (2005)$2M956$2M3
14Man Of The Year (2006)$1.6M1,552$36.5M31
15Open Season (2006)$1.4M1,122$83.5M45
16Flicka (2006)$1.2M1,235$19.6M24
17Marie Antoinette (2006)$1.2M705$14.9M24
18Guardian, The (2006)$784.5K626$53.6M45
19Aquamarine (2006)$705.6K521$18.6M31
20Facing The Giants (2006)$674.9K363$8.2M45

For the top 20 movies:$120.9M34,282$684.8M


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