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2004.03.10 - BoxOffice news

The BoxOffice results this weekend have been quite phenomenal, with The Passion of the Christ easily holding the top spot. This movie has made, in 12 days, over 210 million dollars. To put this in perspective, Spiderman, which holds the record for fastest to $200M did it in 9 days. I think that The Passion of the Christ is easily going to make $300-$400M, and break the half billion internationally. For a movie that cost $30M to make, and which has been principally financed by Mel Gibson, this is quite impressive and it's going to make Mel a very rich man. I haven't seen it yet, so i won't get into the controversy yet. I have seen 50 First Dates however and found it quite charming. I am happy it's going to break $100M any day. The top 5 movies at the box office on Sunday were:

RankMovieDay GrossTheater CountTotal GrossDays
1The Passion of the Christ$17,652,6443,130$213,888,74012
2Starsky & Hutch$6,901,2233,185$28,103,3673
450 First Dates $1,732,0483,040$99,348,37024

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