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BoxOffice news (2006.12.27)

2007.01.04 - BoxOffice News

Night At The Museum (2006) managed to do more in its second weekend then it did in its first weekend. The word of mouth has been really good and with an additional $36.8M, the movie is now sitting on $115.8M. $150M is a sure bet at this point, and the question is whether it'll make $200M.

Pursuit Of Happyness, The (2006) is also managing to do great and added $19.4M in its third weekend. With $98.4M now in its coffers, the movie will be the 9th consecutive $100M+ movie for star Will Smith, which is amazing.

1Night At The Museum (2006)$36.8M3,768$115.8M10
2Pursuit Of Happyness, The (2006)$19.4M2,870$98.4M17
3Dreamgirls (2006)$14.1M852$37.1M17
4Charlotte'S Web (2006)$11.7M3,745$52.5M17
5Good Shepherd, The (2006)$11M2,218$35.1M10
6Rocky 6, Rocky Balboa (2006)$10.6M3,019$47.9M12
7Eragon (2006)$8.2M2,985$56.4M17
8We Are... Marshall (2006)$8.1M2,606$25.1M10
9Happy Feet (2006)$7.7M2,565$176M45
10Holiday, The (2006)$6.7M2,698$50M24
11Blood Diamond, The (2006)$4.9M1,920$35.7M24
12Casino Royale (2006)$4.6M1,543$153.5M45
13Black Christmas (2006)$3.7M1,544$10.9M7
14Apocalypto (2006)$3.3M2,023$42.7M24
15Nativity Story, The (2006)$1.5M1,824$36.3M31
16Unaccompanied Minors (2006)$966.9K1,021$15M24
17Queen, The (2006)$934.1K302$28.2M93
18Deja Vu (2006)$777.3K655$61.6M40
19Volver (2006)$619.9K117$4.8M59
20Borat (2006)$570.7K399$125.6M59

For the top 20 movies:$156M38,674$1.2B

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Happy new year!!! (2007.01.07)
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BoxOffice news (2006.12.27)