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2007.01.22 - BoxOffice News

Sometimes, time flies by so quickly that you wake up one day and wonder what has happened to the last 10 days of your life. I have been so busy with my regular job, and my new project has taken several hours of my time each day for the past week too (check it here at TimeFliesTheMovie.com), and i haven't had time for several of my regular duties. One that suffered is of course last week's BoxOffice column, and i also blew off a doctor appointment... I completely forgot and i apologize.

Now, this being said, if i had done last week's box office story, i would feel quite a strong deja vu this week as nothing much has changed. Stomp The Yard (2007) remains the champ that surprises everybody. Seemingly out of nowhere, the film added $12.3M in its second weekend and already sits on $40.6M. The movie will break $50M without breaking a sweat and become a surprising hit.

Night At The Museum (2006) remains at the second place and finally broke the $200M mark. With $12M this weekend, it has now generated $204.9M. The studios were expecting a hit, but nothing of that order. This is the 6th movie of 2006 to break that milestone, and with a few more weeks to go, it will beat out Da Vinci Code, The (2006) (which made $217.5M) to become the 4th top grossing movie of the year. The next milestone of $234.3M (X 3, The Last Stand (2006)) will prove a little bit harder to achieve. The top hitters of last year can be found here.

Dreamgirls (2006) is also doing well and with an additional $8M, it now has made $77.4M.The movie has a chance of hitting $100M if the studios give it a push when the Oscars come. Finally, Pursuit Of Happyness, The (2006), another Sony production, raked in $6.3M and sits now at $164.1M. The movie is pretty much assured to reach $175M, but $200M seems out of reach, even with a push from the studios. In any case, this is a big success by any measure, and a film that finally establishes Will Smith as a star with great versatility, and a record that is the envy of all.

Talking about Sony, all this is a lot of very good news for the studios as it significantly helps with the next generation DVD format war. Many of the top movies of the past few years have been from Sony, and Sony will support Blu-Ray exclusively, at the detriment of HD-DVD. Sony has been masterful at bringing a very strong catalog of titles to help it win the next gen DVD format war. In spite of all its other blunders and all sorts of problems, maybe the tide is turning in its favor finally. I for one can't wait to see this war be over so i can get myself one of those new shiny babies... :)

1Stomp The Yard (2007)$12.3M2,051$40.6M10
2Night At The Museum (2006)$12M3,483$204.9M31
3Dreamgirls (2006)$8M2,214$77.4M38
4Hitcher, The (2007)$7.8M2,835$7.8M3
5Pursuit Of Happyness, The (2006)$6.3M3,066$164.1M38
6Freedom Writers (2007)$5.2M2,286$26.5M17
7Pan'S Labyrinth (2006)$4.5M609$9.9M24
8Children Of Men (2006)$3.7M1,524$27.5M28
9Queen, The (2006)$3.4M1,586$35.6M114
10Arthur and the Invisibles (2006)$3.1M2,248$9.3M38
11Alpha Dog (2006)$3M1,292$11.8M10
12Charlotte'S Web (2006)$2.3M1,915$76.8M38
13Babel (2006)$2.1M889$23.7M87
14Good Shepherd, The (2006)$2.1M1,571$57.6M31
15Primeval (2007)$1.9M2,444$9.6M10
16Blood Diamond, The (2006)$1.7M955$50.6M45
17Last King Of Scotland, The (2006)$1.6M495$5.3M117
18Rocky 6, Rocky Balboa (2006)$1.6M1,450$67.7M33
19Happily N'Ever After (2007)$1.6M1,758$13.9M17
20We Are... Marshall (2006)$1.5M1,440$41.1M31

For the top 20 movies:$85.6M36,111$961.6M

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BoxOffice News (2007.01.30)
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