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2007.02.06 - BoxOffice News

This weekend was Superbowl in the US, and that generally means that most Americans stay home on Sunday, and that means they don't go the movies. The total box office as a result suffered, pretty much as expected. What wasn't expected though was for Messengers, The (2007) to win the weekend with $14.7M. The odds were in favor of the movie that ended up in second place, Because I Said So (2007). With very mediocre reviews, and such a slow start, the movie is not expected to do much more than its opening $13.1M.

Epic Movie (2007) pretty much as expected fell apart in its second weekend and added just $8.4M. The movie now sits on $29.6M and that's actually a success given its low budget. Night At The Museum (2006) continues to do so well and added another $6.4M. The movie broke the $225M milestone. Dreamgirls (2006) is also doing rather OK and with an additional $4M, it now has $92.7M in the coffers. This means that with the Oscars season around the corner, the film is pretty sure to break the $100M milestone. Finally, Pan'S Labyrinth (2006) added another $3.7M and passed the $20M mark. This may not seem like a lot, but for a foreign language film, it's quite a success.

1Messengers, The (2007)$14.7M2,528$14.7M3
2Because I Said So (2007)$13.1M2,526$13.1M3
3Epic Movie (2007)$8.4M2,840$29.6M10
4Night At The Museum (2006)$6.4M3,003$225M45
5Smokin' Aces (2006)$6.1M2,219$24.7M10
6Stomp The Yard (2007)$4.1M2,169$55.9M24
7Dreamgirls (2006)$4M2,797$92.7M52
8Pan'S Labyrinth (2006)$3.7M1,082$21.7M38
9Pursuit Of Happyness, The (2006)$3M2,233$164.1M52
10Queen, The (2006)$2.7M1,850$45.5M128
11Catch And Release (2006)$2.6M1,622$11.9M10
12Departed, The (2006)$2.3M1,453$128.6M122
13Freedom Writers (2007)$1.9M1,915$34.2M31
14Notes On A Scandal (2006)$1.8M682$11.7M42
15Babel (2006)$1.7M1,090$29.7M101
16Flags Of Our Fathers 2, Letters From Iwo Jima (2007)$1.7M720$7.5M47
17Last King Of Scotland, The (2006)$1.3M528$9.6M131
18Children Of Men (2006)$1.1M829$32.7M42
19Hitcher, The (2007)$1.1M1,496$15.5M17
20Arthur and the Invisibles (2006)$1M1,245$12.8M52

For the top 20 movies:$82.5M34,827$981.3M


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