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2007.02.21 - BoxOffice News

1Ghost Rider (2007)$45.4M3,619$45.4M3
2Bridge To Terabithia (2007)$22.6M3,139$22.6M3
3Norbit (2007)$16.8M3,138$58.9M10
4Music And Lyrics (2007)$13.6M2,955$19.2M5
5Daddy'S Little Girls (2007)$11.2M2,111$16.9M5
6Breach (2007)$10.5M1,489$10.5M3
7Hannibal 4: Hannibal Rising (2007)$5.4M3,003$22.1M10
8Because I Said So (2007)$5.1M2,446$33.4M17
9Messengers, The (2007)$3.8M2,183$30.5M17
10Night At The Museum (2006)$3.7M2,042$237.3M59
11Pan'S Labyrinth (2006)$2.2M905$30.1M52
12Dreamgirls (2006)$1.6M1,037$99.6M66
13Smokin' Aces (2006)$1.5M1,107$34.1M24
14Epic Movie (2007)$1.4M1,426$38M24
15Queen, The (2006)$1.3M807$51.1M142
16Flags Of Our Fathers 2, Letters From Iwo Jima (2007)$1M651$11.6M61
17Last King Of Scotland, The (2006)$884.9K384$12.8M145
18Notes On A Scandal (2006)$851.4K413$15.2M56
19Pursuit Of Happyness, The (2006)$733.4K690$164.1M66
20Babel (2006)$590K305$33.1M115

For the top 20 movies:$150.1M33,850$986.3M


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