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2004.04.01 - DVD News

As you already know, the original Star Wars movies are finally coming out on DVD. You also know that these won't be the original theatrical version but further-"enhanced" new versions based on the Special Editions released in 1997. Each film will come on its own DVD, with anamorphic widescreen and 5.1 DD sound (the disks will be THX-certified of course). Be aware that 2 versions of the packaging will be released: the widescreen version which you absolutely want, and the P&S version that you absolutely do not want. Those films were all done in great Scope format (2.35:1 ratio), so the P&S format (1.33:1) cuts off a little bit over 20% of the image, on each side!!! For those who don't understand this last statement, have a look here. Each film will have commentaries by George Lucas and other key participants in these films. A fourth disk promises extensive new material and look into the making of those films. The BoxSet cover looks like this:

On the TV series front, June is the month. Expect The Simpsons' 4th season, Wonder Woman, the 70's show witth with Lynda Carter, and Just Shoot Me.

For those who care (many more than would openly admit it), a VIP Edition of Paul Verhoeven's so-bad-it's-so-good classic Showgirls is coming. Expect commentaries, lots of documentaries and featurettes, anamorphic widescreen treatment and so on. It should definitely be an improvement over the existing version, but with an SRP of $39.98, if you already own the current version, it may not be worth buying the new edition.

I haven't bought it yet, but the new 3-disk special edition of Fincher's Panic Room is supposed to be grandiose. If you liked this film, you may want to get this DVD, even if you already own the current superbit edition. I know i am.

As for Spiderman, as we were expecting several weeks ago, it looks like Universal is releasing a dumpy package under the banner of "Ultimate Edition". Basically, what's Ultimate about is that it's the exact same 2 DVDs as previously released, plus an extra disk full of promotional material about Spiderman 2, both the movie and the video game. Lame lame lame. And to add insult to injury, Universal is also releasing a Superbit edition which will contain an exclusive commentary by Toby Maguire. Universal is so much the worst studio when it comes to special editions, and suckering you in buying multiple versions of the same film. Bad bad bad. But they keep on doing it, so i guess people must keep on buying them. Shame shame shame.

Warner Brothers announced Blazing Saddles, 30th Anniversary Special Edition. As far as Mel Brooks fans, there seems to be 2 kinds of people: those who love BS and those who love Young Frankenstein. Personally, BS leaves me half cold, while i love, really love, YF . Nevertheless, BS is getting a full treatment, and that's always nice. When will we have that for YF? I am waiting.

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