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2006.06.20 - BoxOffice News

As expected Cars (2006) was the winner this weekend, but with a higher drop-off than any other Pixar movie. It had strong weekday numbers, and an additional $33.7M helped itcross the $100M bar easily.with kids getting off school, the movie should getto$200M easily, but still, it may yet end as a disappointment for Pixar and Disney. Nacho Libre (2006) ended in secondplace, and with average reviews at best, the film may not have the success people had expected.

Fast And The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, The (2006) also opened to lower numbers than expected, but it's also the third installment in a series that should have ended with part II. Oh well! Atleast, it's now Garfield 2, A Tail Of Two Kitties (2006) which barely registered. The original Garfield, The Movie (2004) was a surprise mid-level success when it came out, but i guess this sequel was largely unnecessary, and if there is ever a third, it'll probably go straight to DVD.

Lake House, The (2006), a remake of the Korean time-bending romantic comedy Mare, Il (2000) barely matched expectations, but it targets an older audience, and so if the movie shows legs, it may yet be considered a success.  As for Break Up, The (2006), hopes of a Wedding Crashers (2005)-style success are definitely over as the movie only managed $9.8M in its third weekend. The movie will easily reach the $100M mark, but anything much beyond that will be a touch call.  X 3, The Last Stand (2006) is also tappering off, but with $7.8M on its fourth weekend, and $216.2M already in the bank, the numbers are obviously better.

1Cars (2006)$33.7M3,988$117.1M10
2Nacho Libre (2006)$28.3M3,070$28.3M3
3Fast And The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, The (2006)$24M3,027$24M3
4Lake House, The (2006)$13.6M2,645$13.6M3
5Break Up, The (2006)$9.8M3,146$92.3M17
6X 3, The Last Stand (2006)$7.8M2,812$216.2M24
7Garfield 2, A Tail Of Two Kitties (2006)$7.3M2,946$7.3M3
8Omen, The (2006)$5.6M2,723$47.2M13
9Da Vinci Code, The (2006)$5.3M2,413$198.8M31
10Over The Hedge (2006)$4.3M2,606$139M31
11Prairie Home Companion, A (2006)$2.8M767$9.1M10
12Inconvenient Truth, An (2006)$1.9M403$6.6M26
13Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)$1.3M1,002$130.2M45
14Poseidon (2006)$633.3K730$56.5M38
15Shaggy Dog, The (2006)$604.5K254$60.2M101
16R.V. (2006)$603.4K668$66.5M52
17Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)$361.7K348$192.8M80
18Deep Sea 3-D (2006)$284.6K45$11.5M108
19Keeping Up With The Steins (2006)$222.6K147$3.4M38
20Just My Luck (2006)$210.2K233$16.8M38

For the top 20 movies:$148.8M33,973$1.4B

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