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2004.05.25 - BoxOffice News

Shrek 2 Is a great success, beating most expectations with close to $130M for a 5-day weekend (the film opened on Wednesday). It beat many records such as widest release at 4,163 theatres and biggest opening for an animated film with $108.0 million (for the 3-day weekend). Troy fared less well and dropped significantly (50%) from last weekend's numbers to barely break the $100M mark. Will the movie break its production budget of $150M? Finally, the last of the current crop of summer blockbusters, Van Helsing, is going bust and barely reached $100K this weekend. This is disappointing to say the least.

On a surprise note, the documentary Super Size Me makes an appearance in the top-10 this weekend and is expected to break $3M in ticket sales this week. This is quite a successful run for a documentary.

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