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2009.01.05 - 2008 In Review Part 1: TV Series

This year has been incredible. I managed to watch so many movies. In fact, there hasn't been a year when i watched more movies than in 2008: 644 movies and documentaries, and 34 TV series seasons. That's almost 2 movies a day if you count that TV series seasons take much longer to watch than movies.

TV Series

Of all the seasons i watched, there were a few that were real stand-outs. Of all the shows i watched for the first time this year, i really loved Dexter, Weeds, Eli Stone, and Everybody Hates Chris. In particular, Chris was a wonderful discovery that has enchanted the entire family. We have watched the first 2 seasons back to back, and Season 3 is in my Netflix queue coming very soon. We can't wait until season 4 comes out on DVD. It's been a long time since i saw such a fresh family-oriented TV series that managed to remain quite edgy. And did i mention it was hilarious? An honorable mention goes to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with a first season that was very interesting and shows lots of promise. Pushing Daisies, Season 1 was also pretty cool, quirky the way i like it. But at the same time, it became quite repetitive and the writers seem unable to bring that series to another level. After having watched the entire season, i can say i enjoyed it, but will probably skip the next season altogether.

Of the older series i already knew, South Park, Season 10 and South Park, Season 11 were so amazing i almost peed in my pants a few times (and i am not a girl!). I also managed to finish the entire Seinfeld series and really enjoyed it. I must admit i hadn't connected with it when it first aired, but i truly enjoyed it on DVD, at my own pace, without commercial interruptions. Lost and Heroes also continued to provide me with lots of fun, and.... i am somewhat ashamed of admiting it, but Desperate Housewives, Season 4 was as delcious as ever.

On the bad side, the latest DVD seasons of Simpsons, Season 10 and Simpsons, Season 11 were quite disappointing. So was Scrubs, Season 7 which felt like a drop off a steep mountain of quality that past seasons delivered. A new series, Samantha Who also didn't manage to make any impression on me, and Ugly Betty, Season 2 was barely OK. And although i have a "documented" weakness for Kristanna Loken, it wasn't enough for me to sustain my interest in Painkiller Jane, Season 1. It's not that it was bad, but after a few episodes, it just felt bland and repetitive. Add to that a fairly cheap 80's looking production, and i won't repeat for a follow-up season if it ever happens (looks like the show was canceled).

Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks on the best Documentaries, English-speaking and Foreign films of 2008.

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2008 In Review Part 2: Documentaries (2009.01.15)
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BoxOffice News (2008.12.26)