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2009.08.14 - 48 cool movies of the past 8 months

A friend recently asked me to recommend some films... Given that i have seen an insane number of films so far in 2009 (almost 600 since Jan 1st and now, mid-Aug), i thought it would be a perfect time for a mid-year check up. So here are the films that have marked me in 2009 so far, with links to reviews for many of them.


American studio

American Independent


Lucio Fulci, an Italian shock and exploitation master from the 60's, 70's and 80's whom i re-discovered recently by watching/re-watching 30 of his films spanning his whole career. Here are some of his best ones ihmo.

Cannibals. OK, this section is perhaps just for me, but i have been watching lots of Cannibal movies of the late 70's and early 80's recently and came up with a few gems that i either saw before but didn't quite connect with, or never knew even existed. These movies come with a huge warning of graphic violence and nihilism purity that will turn off most viewers.


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