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2004.06.02 - BoxOffice News

This was an awesome record weekend, the highest grossing Memorial Day weekend ever, with over $250M in ticket sales. Memorial Day weekend in the US marks the official start of the Summer Blockbuster season in the US, and boy, we weren't disappointed. Even though The Day After Tomorrow beat expectations by pulling in $85M, in spite of its overall average reviews, the real king of the hill remains Shrek 2 which, with $95M pulled in this weekend, is now at a total of $260M. That's a staggering twenty million dollars for each of the 13 days it's been out already! The previous animated records set by Finding Nemo are toast and Shrek is expected to break the $400M mark, taking the first place in this year's box office, dethroning The Passion Of The Christ. The only movie that seems capable of taking it over is the eagerly awaited Spider Man 2 to be released in 3 weeks.

The rest of the box office pretty much happened as expected with Troy comfortably crossing the $100M mark, Mean Girls did a very respectable $6M raising its total to an impressive $74M. Finally, Super Size Me continues its very successful run and topped $4M, which is huge for such a documentary.

In the new openings, Raising Helen performed better than expected given the pretty bad reviews the film has been getting, and Soul Plane was a complete disaster.

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