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2010.05.28 - BoxOffice News


1Shrek 4: Shrek Forever After (2010)$70.8M4,359$70.8M3
2Iron Man 2 (2010)$26.4M4,177$251M17
3Robin Hood (2010)$18.8M3,505$66.2M10
4Letters To Juliet (2010)$9M2,975$27.3M10
5Just Wright (2010)$4.3M1,831$14.7M10
6MacGruber (2010)$4M2,551$4M3
7Date Night (2010)$2.9M1,869$90.7M45
8Nightmare On Elm Street, A (2010)$2.3M2,125$60M24
9How To Train Your Dragon (2010)$1.9M1,751$211M59
10Kites (2010)$959.3K207$959.3K3
11Back-up Plan, The (2010)$942.9K1,079$35.9M31
12Babies (2010)$725.3K395$5.1M17
13Death At A Funeral (2010)$537.6K561$41.5M38
14Furry Vengeance (2010)$531K1,369$16.1M24
15Alice In Wonderland (2010)$484.8K411$332.2M80
16Secret In Their Eyes, The (2009)$446.5K141$2.7M38
17City Island (2009)$423.4K234$4.2M66
18Girl With The Dragon Tatto, The (2009)$422.2K178$90.2M66
19Clash Of The Titans (2010)$365.7K412$161M52
20Oceans (2009)$351.2K524$18.5M32

For the top 20 movies:$146.6M30,654$1.5B

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