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2004.06.23 - BoxOffice News

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story was the surprise of the weekend. It started with rather terrible reviews, but managed an astounding $30M which, for a comedy, is quite high. It also dethroned the other heavyweights of past weeks. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban had a disappointing third weekend with only $18M. It will make good money internationally, but in the US, it is so far the least successful Harry Potter film. Shrek 2 did better with $14M in its fifth weekend. It looks well on the way to pulverizing the previous 'fastest to $400M' record (held by Spiderman and Titanic's at 66 days).

On other news, The Terminal is a disappointment: it did cost over $100M to put together and market. With less than $20M for its first weekend, the Spielberg/Hanks duo, for which this is the third collaboration, might finally have a flop on their hands. Garfield continues to attract the family public and surprises by making some money for a film with the worst reviews in quite a while. Finally, another disappointment is The Chronicles of Riddick which cost upwards of $120M to make, and looks like it will probably not even reach $75M.

Movies on the chart20
Total number of screens this weekend32,265
Total box office this weekend$133.6M
Total box office so far$1.4B
Total number of days out568

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