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The Passion Of The Christ marches on (2004.03.15)
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BoxOffice news (2004.03.10)

2004.03.11 - Industry News

Terrorist Attack in Madrid: The worst terrorist attack in Europe has hit Madrid during the morning rush hours on Thursday 3/11. 10 Bombs were set off along the commuter train system of the capital. Close to 200 people are dead, and over 1400 are wounded, several hundreds being seriously so. This is a 9/11 scale attack for Spain. The separatist Basque movement (ETA) was first suspected, but now, suspicion widens to Islamic extremists.

Pixar Switches to Mac Computers: Steve Jobs is the CEO for both Pixar and Apple, but Pixar has used Linux and Intel-based systems to create its animated films (such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo). According to MacNN, Don Peebles, a senior systems engineer for Apple Computer, told the Apple seminar in New York Wednesday that Pixar had decided to switch to Mac G5's and OS X.

Bale's Batman Blues: Christian Bale will play Batman in Batman Begins due in 2005, a complete rethink of the character from Christopher Nolan who directed previously the ground-breaking Memento in 2000. Bale was left red-faced when he couldn't fit into his costume on the first day of shooting, which started last week in Iceland. The trouble apparently was due to the suit being too tight in certain personal areas... It took three people to squeeze Christian into it with the help of more than a few squirts of talcum powder.

Spalding Gray's Body Found in East River: His body was found this weekend in the East River, confirming suspicions that the 62 year old actor, writer and monologuist, had died after he disappeared two months ago. The official cause of death is not known yet, but Gray had for years battled severe depression and had previously attempted suicide. A fantastic live performer, Gray amazed me in his one-man show Gray's Anatomy directed by Steven Soderbergh in 1996. Gray is survived by his wife, Kathleen Russo, and their two children.

Prince's Concert To Be Shown Live In Theaters: The Regal Cinema theater chain is planning to present the live kick-off of Prince's "Musicology" tour at 32 theaters capable of projecting high-definition TV images. Expects shows in Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, New York and San Diego. A $15.00 ticket purchased online at Regal will also entitle buyers to a free copy of Prince's new Musicology CD.

3-In-1 DVD Machines: Panasonic will introduce new DVD machines in June: some will feature a DVD Recorder, a Hard Drive, and a VHS tape unit; others will skip on the VHS support.

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The Passion Of The Christ marches on (2004.03.15)
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BoxOffice news (2004.03.10)