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2004.07.07 - BoxOffice News

Spiderman 2 is of course the big item this weekend. Although the movie has not matched the records set by the first one, with "only" $88M on the 3 day weekend, over the 6 day opening (over the 4th of July weekend here in the US), it's already made $180M. It took the original 9 days to reach $200M (the current record holder).

Fahrenheit 9/11 is of course the second item this weekend, continuing its blazing success with an additional $16M this weekend, in spite of the strong competition. With over $55M made by now, and still plenty of legs in it, this is without a doubt the most successful documentary of all times.

Finally, surprisingly, White Chicks made almost $9M this weekend, which is much better than originally expected. While the movie still can't be considered a hit, breaking the $50M mark should make it somewhat profittable.

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