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2004.05.04 - BoxOffice News

With great reviews and a good public reception, Mean Girls managed a greta opening with $25M. This is Lindsay Lohan's second hit in a row after Freaky Friday and should confirm her as a rising star. Tina Fey, the writer, and also a member of Saturday Night Live's current cast, is lauded across the press as a rising comedic writer talent.

Both Man on Fire and 13 Going On 30 have had disappointing second weekends, and the other openings for the week have had miserables results, which can certainly be attributed in part to some of the worst reviews this year.

Finally, The Passion Of The Christ made $1.4M this weekend and reached $367M for a total of 68 days since it came out. For comparison, Lord Of The Rings, The Return Of The King just made $155K this weekend and sits at $377M after 138 days in the theaters. This means that Passion will probably surpass Rings by the end of June making it the highest box office record holder since 2002's Spider Man which made $404M during its theatrical run.

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