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2004.07.20 - BoxOffice Data

I, Robot beat expectations last weekend with $52.2M, which also marks a record for a Will Smith opening. Will Smith has been doing very good with 4 out of his last 5 summer movies opening with more than $50M. Spider-Man 2 continues to climb up and crossed $300M this weekend (one more day than it took Shrek 2 to do it). I finally saw it on Sunday with my son and i loved it: the action scenes are incredible, the character of Dr. Octopus is fantastically portrayed by Alfred Molina, and the movie delivers some genuine emotion, although sometimes, it does fall into Soap-Opera territory a little bit too much for my taste.

Cinderella Story, A is the other big movie to open this weekend and it did well, although, given its low ratings and the very focused demographics it targets, a final positive tally might be in jeopardy. It wasn';t an expensive movie though to make, so... King Arthur on the other hand had a $150M production budget (that's just to make the film, and it doesn't include marketting costs), and is yet another disaster for Disney. This year has ben terrible for Disney with movies.

and finally, Fahrenheit 9/11 keeps on going with another $7.2M, for a current total of $94M. This means the movie will easily break $100M in the next week or 2, and in the process, be the first documentary of any kind to do so.

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