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2004.08.10 - BoxOffice News

What the heck did happen this weekend? Did you all stay home? The last few weekends have averaged around $150M in box office receipts, and this weekend barely topped $100M!!! This is a huge drop of just under 30% in one week, which has put a serious dent in this year's total numbers, now barely outpacing the 2003 numbers.

Then again, maybe the new movies simply don't draw enough people out? Collateral was definitely a disappointment. In spite of the great critical praises the movie has received, and even some Oscar buzz around Tom Cruise's performance, the movie did not manage to break the $25M mark. This is much much lower than the expectations that were set. The movie was hoped to break $100M, but this is looking less likely now, and this means that Tom's $100M movie streak would be over.

Village, The did not beat Hulk in terms of worse second weekend performance, but it was a close second. It went from a $50M opening weekend to a $16M second weekend. It's terrible. The Manchurian Candidate also disappointed somewhat, but as noted last week, Denzel's movies generaly have longer legs than average. Nevertheless, this looks like another guaranteed $100M movie that will barely make half of that. This year has been full of them.

One good news this weekend though: Bourne Supremacy did not do bad at all. In 3 weeks, it has beaten the original's final tally, and $150M is very much within reach. People seemed to have enjoyed this movie a lot. If you have too, be assured that the third novel is already being worked up for a third installment of the series.

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