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BoxOffice News (2004.09.20)

2004.09.28 - BoxOffice News

In spite of disappointed reviews regarding an interesting concept with a terribly botched surprise ending, The Forgotten (directed by Joseph Ruben, the same man who did the cool Dreamscape in 1984) managed to get top position this weekend with $21M. Don't expect much legs though.

In opposite trend, in spite of good reviews getting better with good word of mouth, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow only made $6.7M, which means that the studios are going to lose a bunch of money on this one even if it cost a surprisingly low $70M to make. The industry is so disappointed with those results that the word in town is that this movie is proof that quality doesn't matter in the Box Office.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse manages an OK $4M in its third week. It now totals $43M, which, as we noted last week, is more than what the first pulled in, but still a ways to go to match the higher $50M budget.

Shaun of the Dead, an independent low budget Zombie farce (if you can call it that) has a good debut with $3.3M. Sounds low you say? It was released in 600 theaters only, so it's pretty good, especially for this type of movie. In per-theater average, that translates in 4 times more business than Resident Evil. Pretty good.

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DVD Covers: 3,500 (2004.10.04)
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