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2004.10.13 - BoxOffice News

Shark Tale repeats its top position this weekend with over $31M. That's about 30% less than last weekend, which is surprising given the low reviews. Nevertheless, those results are very good to say the least: the movie cost Dreamworks $75M to make and has raked in $87M in its first 10 days. You do the math. The same studio did Shrek 2 last summer and made an astounding $435M in the US alone. Watch out Pixar, it looks like Dreamworks is coming up to be the competition to worry over. Although, given the early great buzz about The Incredibles, Pixar won't be left out of this amazing year for Computer-generated animated films.

Friday Night Lights, a movie about American football did better than expected. It is said that even though sports are popular in the US, and Football is way up there, movies about sports don't fare well in general, even with great reviews. We'll have to see if the movie drops over next weekend, or the word of mouth gives it long legs, but for now, $20M is not bad at all.

Ladder 49 also performed better than expected, in spite of the John Travolta curse. Since the fantastic Face/Off in 1997, he has starred in 16 movies, only 4 of which have made over $50M at the US box office. And that's counting Goldmember for which he had but a cameo.

Taxi, a remake of the fun French film of the same name has gathered terrible reviews, some of the worst this year in fact. With $12M over a 5-day weekend (the movie opened on Wednesday instead of Friday), the numbers speak for themselves. The original French movie was actually a lot of fun, and spawned 2 sequels

Finally, the independent horror comedy Shaun of the Dead is doing extremely well, and is about to break $10M. For an independent British genre movie, released in under 700 theaters nationwide, this is an important milestone.

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