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2004.10.25 - BoxOffice News

The Grudge is officially a hit after having raked in close to $40M in its first weekend. Doesn't sound big you say? Well most analysts considered the marketting campaign for this movie a failure and were predicting under $20M for its opening weekend, and under $50M for its total run. Now, we have to see if this movie can break $100M. After the surprise hit of The Ring two years ago when it unexpectedly broke $100M, you can say that we will be seeing more American adaptations of recent Japanese horror flicks soon: there are many of them, including many from Takashi Miike, but they are probably too weird for the US market. One thing that The Grudge shows though is that it's possible to hire the original Japanese director and still get a hit, something that was far from being considered certain before. Maybe Miike will make his hollywood debut soon? I doubt it.

Shark Tale continues to surprise too with a very good $14M in its 4th weekend. It now totals $137M and will be a big moneymaker for Dreamworks this year.

Next, as predicted last week, Team America: World Police is collapsing with only $6M. The movie might reach its production budget of $30M during its theatrical run, and will surely make some more money internationally. And of course, there will always be the DVD and rental market thereafter. Although not aq complete failure, it is definitely a big disappointment for all involved.

Finally, Bourne Supremacy will pass the $175M milestone next week. This is a movie that came out over 3 months ago and still maintains a place in the top 20 weekend after weekend. It is the most silent hit of the year, and slowly but surely made loads of money.

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BoxOffice News (2004.11.03)
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DVD Covers: 4,000 (2004.10.24)