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2004.11.03 - BoxOffice News

The Grudge is officially a big success as it repeats the top position at the box office this weekend with $22M. After 10 days, the movie has now made $71M, so $100M looks pretty close, as well as a sequel, and more Japanese horror films being remade for a western audience.

Ray, a biopic about Ray Charles, came in a close second. Good reviews, and some early Oscar buzz for Jamie Foxx.

Saw, the latest independent horror film did a respectable $18M. Fairly well reviewed, we'll see if it has any legs.

Shark Tale continues to do very well with an additional $7.5M in its fifth weekend, and now totals $148M. Dreamworks will be making a bundle for sure, and by the way, went public in an IPO last week. It may be a good stock to invest in.

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