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2004.11.08 - BoxOffice News

The Incredibles did a great $70M this weekend. That's slightly more than what Finding Nemo did last year in its opening weekend, but less than what some analysts had predicted. Great reviews, and a great buzz though should push that movie past $300M easily. $400M is the real milestone we'll all be watching for, and after that, whether the film will be able to beat Shrek 2, the current champ for the year at $435M.

Ray, the Ray Charles biopic did respectably with $13.6M, but the big surprise is about two horror films which do not seem to suffer from a post-Halloween blues. The Grudge added $12.7M to its bank account, and $100M is now certain. Saw, which cost $1M to make, adds $11M to its numbers, now totalling $35.4M. James Wan, the director and co-writer will surely get to make more movies...

In the holdover category, it surprises many, including me, that Shall We Dance? , Friday Night Lights, and especially Ladder 49 continue to rank among the top 10. In particular, Ladder is now a hit as it just broke $70M (see the discussion on the Travolta curse a few weeks back). Friday Night is nearing $60M, which is not bad at all for a movie about Football that should have bored everybody according to industry insiders. In comparison, Miracle, another sports-oriented movie only for fans it seemed, made $64M.

Shark Tale had a big slump this weekend but passed the $150M milestone, and Alfie, a film opening this weekend, had some miserable time with only $6M. Mediocre reviews, and a subject matter and treatment which doesn't seem to connect with the audiences today will make sure that this movie won't be going very far.

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