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2004.11.16 - BoxOffice News

As expected, The Incredibles repeated at the top position for its second weekend. With $50M though, it's a much better run than expected. Typically, such blockbusters drop 40% on their second weekend. For this movie though, the drop is below 30%. A total box office beyond $300M is pretty much taken for granted. The real question is whether it can reach $400M and beat Shrek 2, the current champ for the year at $435M.

Polar Express, The however has had a pretty bad start. With "just" $23M, the movie is falling well below expectations. The total cost (production + advertising) is rumorred to be above $300M, so the numbers, accompanied with mediocre reviews overall, don't bode well for the studios.

After the Sunset is another opening this weekend, and is also doing slightly worse than expected with $11M. The reviews are bad, and so no one is expecting much. A $50M total is not excluded if the movie shows some legs because of its star power, but it will still be a challenge.

Seed of Chucky did well with $9M but the horror genre and sequelitis will give it short legs. Expect a total below $30M. Two other horror films, The Grudge and Saw continue to do very well with $7M and $6.5M respectively. This means that Saw will most likely break $50M (fantastic for a horror movie that cost $1M to make), and Grudge will break $100M, confirming the attraction that the American audience has for Japanese horror imports.

Finally, the last major opening this weekend is Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. this movie has opened in a few theaters to generate word of mouth in preparation for a large opening next weekend. However, the word of mouth currently is bad, and the reviews are bad, so the kind of publicity that an early small opening gives may not play in favor of this movie.

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BoxOffice News (2004.11.23)
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