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2004.11.24 - Site News

Strange.... Over the past few days, we have noticed some instability on RatingMovies.com. Not sure what it was about, but you may have experienced persistent problems while accessing various areas and features of the site. things seem to have calmed down for now, but we'll investigate to figure out what happened. The site has received a much higher volume of requests recently (over 5,000 requests a day) due to increase search spider activity.

On other news, we are continuing to add DVD covers for your virtual shelves, and are nearing 4,500. We have enough left to process to bring us to 5,000 in the next month or so. Thanks for your participation.

Finally, if you check our recent reviews of One Missed Call or Onmyoji (all recent reviews are shown in a virtual shelf on the top left of the home page), you will see a new feature where we show a selection of images from the films reviewed. Let us know what you think of it here. If you like it, it may just become a regular feature of our reviews here at RatingMovies.comŽ. Review pages will load slower, but those pictures should give you better visual cues and should make want to see all those movies even more. At least, that's what we hope.

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